Mrs C. July 2016. ‘We had an absolutely wonderful stay. I did write in the visitor book. The bungalow is a gem and you have obviously put a lot of thought into making it work so well for your guests. My daughter kept asking me if I could buy it off you!
The ‘Waterfront’ restaurant was a real hit with the young ones. It was 27 years since I took my daughter on the chairlift at Alum bay…she took her little boy on it… Maybe a new family tradition has started.

Amy C with family & friend enjoy exciting weather. 19th Aug 2016
‘The house is very nice and well-maintained and the living space was more than sufficient. I went with my teenage sister, her friend and my mum. Being a 17 year old girl, one of the fears is that we would get bored with the island’s activities. However, our weekend was packed. When we weren’t doing anything in particular, the beach was so close that even teenagers as lazy as us were willing to make the very short trip down.
Newport had some amazing shops that we didn’t expect to find on the island and the sheer number of high quality places to eat really lifted our spirits after a windy day at the beach. Also the Emma Bridgewater pottery painting at Chessell was a really fun experience and a great chance to paint what ever you want onto one of their many different pieces of pottery.
The weather unfortunately refused to cooperate but the gale force winds and rain didn’t stop my sister, her friend and I from wandering along the sea front promenade from Totland Bay to Cowell Bay. The waves were enormous and we got a bit wet but it didn’t really matter as Cliffway was so close there was no need for steamy car journeys in soggy clothes. All in all, it was a great weekend and there was a lot there for us to do.’